Made Smarter

Made Smarter

What is Made Smarter?  

Made Smarter is a national programme for manufacturers, producers and makers, launched following an industry-wide consultation on how best to grow UK manufacturing through digital technologies, innovation and skills. It is delivered regionaly and concludes in March 2025. 

What support does Made Smarter Provide?  

  • A digital assessment and roadmap, ensuring your business is given the specialist support you need to plan for the future.  
  • There are a range of consultancy-based projects to help develop your business and implement new technology or processes that improve productivity and reduce costs. 
  • In addition, you can advance your own skills with our ‘Leading Digital Transformation’ training programme which is designed to enhance your strategic leadership and make your transition to digital technology easier 
  • Up to 50% match funding with grants up to a maximum value of £20,000 are available, as well as guidance on creating an effective digital roadmap to ensure the right technology is taking your business in the right direction 

Is my business eligible?  

  • Be a manufacturing business.  
  • Be based in Yorkshire & Humber.  
  • Be a maker.  
  • Be a micro sized or SME.  

Made Smarter, Yorkshire and Humber

How To Get In Touch

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